Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Using Your Manuals

You must be pretty excited to get your learner’s permit. This means that you are on your way in acquiring your driver’s license. Before you get all too excited jumping into a car, you need to see the packet that you got alongside your learner’s permit. These are going to be your handbook and/or manuals. These things will be your bible of some sort if you want to fast track your acquisition of your full driver’s license.
Each state has a different age requirement for the application of the learner’s permit. Some would allow you to start as early as 14 years old. This should be more than enough time to learn all the things that are required for the full driver’s license. Each state is going to have a different requirement but bottom line is that you would need to pass 3 tests. You may also be required to attend a driving school before you can even take the exam. This is actually a great idea to make sure that the foundation of learning for responsible driving is given to those beginner drivers. It may not really address the issue of reckless driving but it will definitely lessen it somehow.
Going back to the tests that you would have to pass, the first one is just the vision test. As long as you have good eye sight then you don’t really have to worry about this. In case you have some issues with it, you would have to take other necessary precautions before you will be allowed to proceed to the other tests. The other 2 tests are going to be the real zinger because you need to be able to make sure that you are able to prepare. This is where the manuals that you got come in handy. All the information that you need in order to pass will be in that manual.
Let us first take a look at your second exam. This will be your practical driving test. This is going to take place while you are driving with the examiner sitting right beside you with a clipboard taking note of the merits and demerits of your driving. If you happen to browse your manual there are tips there on how to go about performing specific turns which will be expected of you in your driving test. The only way you can do this flawlessly is for you to log a considerable number of hours behind the wheel with a qualified driver riding shotgun.
The next test that you would need to worry about will be your written test. Again, you will have to refer to your manual in order for you for you to really get the information you need to pass the written test. Unfortunately, this is not going to be as easy as practicing for the driving exam. What you need to do is start breaking down the details of the manual so you will be able to digest them more efficiently. This can be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps it would also help if you allow yourself to take advantage of some other references like practice tests so you can determine that you will be able to ace all of the tests on the first try.

If you are tired of taking up these tests you can also check out some cheat sheets from online DMV: http://www.dmv.com/cheat-sheets

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